" Then there is the London Eye, a big wheel 135 metres high. It was built in 2000 and celebrates the Millennium. It never stops moving, but it moves very slowly. Visitors travel in the capsules on the wheel for 30 minutes, and when the weather is good, you can see for 40 kilometres across London." (p. 18)

     What do you think about London? I think most people imagine that London is one of the most famous cities in the world or a lot of visitors visit there. Furthermore, this place is a theater of the famous novel written by Arthur Conan Doyle. Especially, Sherlock Holmes is a famous character in his work. There is also a place associated with Holmes in London, so it attracts fans a lot. Of course, these are true things but London has many other attractive and interesting points such as history, nature, and culture.
     In 1066, William the Conqueror became a new king and he built a castle. As a result, London got bigger and bigger and it was the most important city in England. In addition, the power of royalty was stronger though successors changed. However, 1665 was the worst year for London. The Year of the Great Plague happened because of hot weather and 100000 of people died. Besides, the Great Fire of London happened in 1666 and it was said that this event continued for four days. Although the city experienced such sad occurrences, many of the buildings today were built when Queen Victoria was the queen. Then, technology, especially means of transportation, developed and people could come to London easily.

     London has a lot of beautiful buildings, so many visitors come to see them today. For example, Buckingham Palace, The Tower of London, Big Ben, The London Eye, Hyde Park, The British Museum, and so on. These are very famous and symbols of London. Foreign people visit there every year and these buildings must be fascinated them. Moreover, they enjoy seeing a stage, watching a sport game at London like a tennis. However, the tickets are very high, so you must buy them when they are cheap.

     This book is in the Oxford Bookworms series and it is a non-fiction story. If you read this book, it is very helpful for you to understand about London. The book has also many pictures with color and explains characteristics of London briefly, so you can imagine the city with ease. You should try to read this book when you have a chance to go to London as an introductory book. Of course, everybody who has some interesting about this city also ought to read the book!

Escott, John. (2008). London. England: Oxford University Press



San Francisco

"San Francisco has a long and interesting story, from the early days of the gold rush to today. Some things about this city do not change - the white fog, the beautiful old houses, and the wonderful Golden Gate Bridge. " (p. 39)

     Have you ever been to San Francisco? As many people know, San Francisco is one of the famous cities in USA. For example, the Golden Gate Bridge which the picture of this book's cover shows is very famous around the world, so many people visit there every year. Food culture is also amusing and I want to eat clam chowder wrapped it in bread.

     In this book, many kinds of things are introduced such as history, popular spots, and sources of entertainment of San Francisco. Although there are a lot of beautiful buildings now, San Francisco was experienced a big earthquake, which was one of the worst one at that time. After that, most of the buildings collapsed and many people living there then also died. However, San Francisco got over the painful experience and returned a new face in order to get strong support from many other people. Then, the city is attracting visitors now.

     There is one more viewpoint why San Francisco draws many people. That is because there are more exciting places than in other places. As I showed, Golden Gate Bridge is very famous and especially, the scenery with the sun behind it or the fog half over it are artistic and fantastic. In addition, nature is also wonderful. The Golden Gate Park is an example of it. In there, people find not only big fountains, tall trees, and beautiful garden with flowers in every color, but also big wild animals. In other words, all the people can enjoy nature directly, so they are attracted San Francisco.

     This book is in the Oxford Bookworms series and it is a non-fiction story. That is why, you can understand introductory San Francisco by reading the book. If you are interested in beautiful buildings, nature, food culture, or entertainments related to USA, I recommend you read this book at first and recognize a city of San Francisco! Probably, you must be fascinated and you will start to think that it is worth visiting.

Hardy-Gould, Janet. (2012). San Francisco. England: Oxford University Press


Just good friends

'I know where we can go on holiday!' said Stephany. She was lying on the sitting room floor of her London flat. There were newspapers and holiday magazines all over the floor.  (p. 5)

     What do you do when you are in holiday? Some people spend with their family, others travel many places.

      Stephany is the main character and Max is her boyfriend. They are planning to go to Italy and to stay at Carlo's flat. Carlo is a man who is a friend of Stephany. However, Max doesn't agree with her idea because he hopes to spend time with only her. After that, they decide to visit Italy but many problems happen one after another...

     This book is in the Cambridge English Readers series. It is a little long story, but contents are very fascinated us. So, I recommend to read this book if you have a free time!

Hancock, Penny. (1999). Just good friends. Cambridge: Cambridge university press


A picture to remember

 She saw two men in the car. She couldn't believe her eyes. One of the men had a gun. Then he looked out of the window at Christina. (p. 7)

     If you come across a dangerous situation, what will you do? This is a mystery story and the main character is Christina Rinaldi. One day, when she drive her motorcycle, she met two men in the car. However, she found that one of the man had a gun. Although she tries to run away there, she fell from her bike due to an another accident, so she forgot all of her memories. In addition, two men try to kill her...


The double bass mystery

"We were arriving in Barcelona. My first foreign trip. Wonderful, don't you think? But that's just the problem. It wasn't wonderful at all." (p. 6)

     This book is not only mystery, but also murder accident story. The main character is Penny Wade. She belongs to a Symphony Orchestra and she plays double bass which is a big instrument. When she went to Barcelona to take part in the concert held there, she experienced many accidents one after another. At first, she lost her double bass. Second, Frank Shepherd who is an orchestra manager in her team was killed by someone. In addition, Samon who is penny's boyfriend is something strange, so she was worried that he has some secrets. I recommend you read this book as soon as possible!


The New Zealand file

"He thought as he drove. He needed to get away. But he also wanted answers to some questions. Who was in the car? Who were they working for? And how had they found him so soon?" 

    The main character of this story is Ian Munro who is a spy working for British Intelligence. When he took the vacation, he was offered the job by his boss, so he went to the airport to listen to a contents about his work. However, after that , he felt that someone was following him by car when he drove. So, he tried to get away from it to save his life. Who was in the car?


Jojo's story

"There aren't any more days. There's just time. Time when it's dark and time when it's light. Everything is dead, so why not days, too?" 

     What do you think if you suddenly lose your family members? Jojo who is the main character of this book was alone because his family members were killed by men. In addition, his village was also dead due to the conflict between village. After that, he met many people such as soldiers, a photographer, a doctor belonging to the team named "Doctors without borders", and he talked with them about the hard situation.

     This story probably relates to international dispute, so it is the good chance for you to think about the problem that the world holds now. I recommend you read this book.



"Twenty years ago today Superbird crashed into a hill in the middle of a desert."  (p. 5)

     Do you believe a existence of space people? This book is about the space and a space woman named Mary answered many questions from an interviewer. One day, four space people which contains her crashed into the Earth and the people except her were dead due to human's attack. After that, she came across many difficult situation.

     In addition, this book also refer to the friendship between human and space people. I think we have to protect the relationship if space people exist.


The man from nowhere

The Wahiba Sands - a soft sand desert in north east Oman. Two hundred kilometres from north to south; a hundred from east to west. (p. 5)

     If you lost a sand where there is nobody, how do you get through the situation? This book mentions about it.

     A family plan to go to the trip to celebrate their son's birthday and they decide to go to Bahrain by their own airplane. However, a bad accident happens to them and the plain crashed into the sand. They have to some help but there is nobody there. Do you think they can survive the circumstances?


Dead cold

In January they found the girl's body.
They found it in Pine Crest. Pine Crest is a small town about 90 miles from Denver, in the Rocky Mountains.
(p. 6)

     This book is about a murder accident in U.S.A. One day, A girl named Janine was killed by someone and she was found in a swimming pool in Pine Crest. To solve the problem, two police officers try to chase the murders. However, as they investigated in the accident, they found some strange things about the girl. Who killed her, and why was she killed?


One day

     So, just another ordinary Friday...  (p. 6)

     This book is consisted of four stories, but surprisingly, the four events happen in the same time. In this story, people are troubled many things such as love, work, and money. However, the four letters hold a key to understand the story.

     It is difficult for me to understand clearly because I am not good at reading the different stories. However, I think this book is worth reading because the book can read without losing your interest.


Within high fences

     There was nothing different about that night. It was the same as every other night, I thought. But that night, my life started to change. I didn't know it then, but I know it now.   (p. 5)

     This story is not only painful, but also impressive. The main character Nancy lives with her boyfriend in a big house. One day, she meets an asylum seeker called George when she works as a guard. Every time she talks with him, she begins to like him. Also, she starts to think that she wants to spend time with him, but she cannot do like that because she already has a partner...

     I recommend you read this book! Please try it!



Different world

     Do you have any questions about the title of the book? When you see the book cover, you may think that it is commonly story, but it is not.

     Samantha who is a main character of this book is a deaf person. On the other hand, Jim who is Samantha's boyfriend can hear any sound. That is why, they live different world. They fall in love each other, but they have personal problems and are worry about them...

     If you have some interest, please try to read it!