BR 14: The president's murderer

 He looked behind him. He could see the lights. There were five or six men. They run fast, and their lights moved up and down. They were not far away now. He could hear their feet on the ground. (p. 1)

     If you are a murderer, Which would you like to run away or to stay the prison? Some people may choose the former because they want to enjoy their life. Others may choose latter because they have no hope to spend with other people.

     The man who is a main character of this book is Alex Dinon. He was arrested in prison because he was a president's murderer. One day, he ran away from there and continued to escape from many policemen. The police tried to find hardly to arrest him but they couldn't do that. That is because a lot of people help him. Why did people behave in that way? In fact, the government and the police have an important secret. They cooperated with each other and tried to hide a true story. What secrets did they have? And do you think that he can run away from them? When you read this book, all of the true story will come to light.

     This book is in the Oxford bookworms library series. It has a little long sentences but also has some illustrations. So, you can enjoy reading it. If you have a chance, please try it!

Bassett, Jennifer. (1991). The president's murderer. London: Oxford university press


BR 13: Les miserables

'Monsieur,' she said, 'can I... can I call you Father?'

Valjean looked down at her big round eyes. 'Yes,' he said. He did not know love, he did not understand love, but in that moment, suddenly, he felt a father's love for this small child.  (p. 20)

     Do you have any sad experiences such as a painful separation? Maybe, most people have it. I have the experience when I was a high school student. This book is a sad story in the year 1796 in France.

     Jean Valjean is the main character and a one of the poor people. One day, he was arrested because he ran away with a bread to survive. This incident changed his fate. However, he got over some difficulties and met many new people. For example, Fantine who is a woman working hard at a company. She was so beautiful but she had a child named Cosette. So, she must work hard and cut her hair to earn money. When Valjean met her, he decided that he looks after her daughter instead of her because her life was limited. With the passage of time, a lot of event happened and some encounters and separations come...

     This book is in the Oxford bookworms series. It is difficult a little, but you must be moved the story of it. In addition, you can learn about the background about France. Please try it!

   Bassett, Jennifer. (2012). Les miserables. London: Oxford university press

BR12: Romeo and Juliet

"Perhaps I'll be back soon."
"I hope so, Romeo, my only love!"
"Kiss me! Goodbye, my love."    (p. 24)

     Have you ever read this book? I think most people know the title but some don't read the original story. In my case, I read it for the first time and I felt sad when I finished reading it.

     The main characters of this book are Romeo and Juliet. The two families didn't get along with each other. By the way, Romeo belonged to Lord Montague and Juliet belonged to Lord Capulet. One day, when they met at the ball, they fell in love each other. After that, they got married in secrecy because of Father Lawrence's help. However, they couldn't spend wonderful time so long because Romeo must go away from the town. The fact made them sad but Father Lawrence had a plan to meet them several years later. Will they ever meet again?

     This book is in the Oxford bookworms playscripts. There are long sentences and a little pictures but you can enjoy this book. If you have a chance, please try it!

Shakespeare, William. (1597). Romeo and Juliet. London: Oxford university press


BR11: Blue fins

Suddenly, they see another fin in the water. A blue fin. It is a dolphin! It is the beautiful, blue dolphin. The dolphin is swimming towards the shark. The dolphin hits the shark. (p. 14)

     Did you have a chance to meet dolphins? Probably, most people meet them at an aquarium. Perhaps, some people see them in the sea. In my cases, I saw them with my grandmother when I was a elementary school student.

     In this book, the main characters are Jen and Rick who is Jen's boyfriend. One day, they were on the beach but Rick went surfing and Jen went swimming underwater. When she was swimming there, she found a lot of plants and fish. However, she found a creature, too. It was a dolphin! It couldn't swim because the net  caught it. So, she helped it. As a result, it could swim again. Next day everyone swam on the beach, but suddenly, a shark showed up. Unfortunately, Jen and Rick didn't still escape from the shark. What will become of them?

     This book is in the Macmillan series. It consists of clear illustrations and conversations. I think you can enjoy reading the book. Please try it!

  Axten, Sarah. (1992). Blue fins. London: Macmillan


BR 10: Let me out!

"I never go out with John. John never asks me. I'm not happy. I open doors. I close doors. I can make John laugh. I can do anything, but John never takes me out."   (p. 14)

     If robots have feelings like a human, can you love them in a similar way as your family? Most people think that they are just a machine, so it is not necessary to treat them with devotion.

     In this story, a man who is a inventor creats a robot. The robot's name is Noel. He understands emotions a little such as a happy feeling. Also, he can do everything alone, so gradually, he starts to control John's house. However, John don't love him because he isn't his family, just a robot. As a result, Noel begins to conduct too dangerous and frightening actions to become a member of John's family. What will happen to John?

     This book is in the Cambridge English readers series. It has unique illustrations and simple conversation scenes. You may feel scary a little bit, but this story is so interesting. Please try it!

  Moses, Antoinette. (2006). Let me out! Cambridge: Cambridge university press


BR 09: Hotel casanova

'When I'm twenty-six,' he thought, 'I'm going to meet a woman, the woman I want to marry.'  (p. 6)

     Do you have any plans for the future? Generally, people have many kinds of thoughts. For example, 'I want to marry a gentleman!' or 'I want to be a president!'...and so on.

     Dino possesses high ambitions, too. He was kind and cool person, so he was so popular among women working with him. However, he was not interested in these situation because he had a perfect plans. One day, he met a beautiful woman who visited the hotel he worked. Her name is Carla. Gradually, they fell in love and then they got married. They spent good time each other, but her real appearance was so scary...

     This book is in the Cambridge English readers series. It has handwritten illustrations and interesting sentences. If you have some interest about that story as much as possible, please try it and enjoy reading!

  Leather, Sue. (2005). Hotel casanova. Cambridge: Cambridge university press

BR 08: Arman's journey

'Today's a very good day for you,' he says. 'You are coming with us. You're going to be soldiers.' 
I don't want to be a soldier. I turn and run to the wall.(p. 9)

     If you have to be a soldier, can you accept the facts? I think most people cannot because they have valued persons like their friends, parents, and a girlfriend.
     Arman who is a main character of this story was seventeen years old and he wasn't so rich. Suddenly, he was declared that he must be a soldier. However, he didn't want to be because he had a mother who is his only family. Then, he ran there using his mother's money and went to England to meet his uncle. After that, he met a girl in England. Her name is Rose. Arman and Rose became good friends but he had some problems afterward...
     This book is in the Cambridge English readers series. Also, this is starter series one. The details of this book is complex but have worthwhile reading. I recommend you will try this book!

  Prowse, Philip. (2011). Arman's journey. Cambridge: Cambridge university press


BR 07: Marco

 I'll get on the train and go to the city tomorrow, thought Marco. I'll leave the farm early. Nobody will know. (p. 7)

     Have you ever thought that you want to go somewhere you don't know by yourself? Maybe, some people have the idea, the others don't because solo trip is so fun, but it is dangerous sometimes.
     Marco always works in the field with his father. However, he has some problems. It is that there is nothing to do on his day off, so he has too much time on his hands. One day, he rushes upon his mind that he goes to the city alone. After that, he carries out his plans, but he comes across many unfamiliar incidents. Do you think that he can get over them or not?
     This book is in the Macmillan readers series. It has reasonable amount of sentences and illustrations. Also, you can understand the details clearly owing to these devices. I recommend you try to read it!

   Esplen, Mike. (1976). Marco. London: Macmillan


BR 06: A little princess

'Your father is dead. There were no diamond mines, and your father's friend ran away with all his money. You have nothing. Not a penny. But I am going to be very kind to you. You can stay in my house, but now you must be a servant and work for your bread.'
 (p. 15)

   If your father who is only one family for you suddenly dies, what would you do? Probably, almost of all people will feel hopeless and can not think about their bright futures.
   The main character Sara is a rich person's daughter, so she goes to school wearing gorgeous dresses every day. However, she is not interested in a beautiful talk and money. On the other hand, she likes to talk about tales and she is very kind to everyone. One day, Sara's eleventh birthday, a misfortune happens to her. Her father is dead! What will her fate come?
   This  book is in the Oxford bookworms library series. The sentences use easy words and it does simple illustrations, so you can read it quickly. Please try it!

 Burnett, Frances Hodgson. (1998). A little princess. London: Oxford university press


BR 05: The girl with green eyes

'I'm sorry Mr Russo,' says Greg, and tells him everything.
'It's OK,' says the artist, smiling. 'But stay away from girls with beautiful green eyes!'  (p. 24)

   Have you ever been told a lie by anyone who has smooth manner of talking? Also, if so beautiful women or men make a request of you, what do you do? Some people help them, the others do not.
   Greg, the main character in this story, meets a girl with green eyes every time he goes to a coffee shop in the afternoon. So, he talks to her. However, this is what begin it all. He will be caught up in a lot of troubles because of the girl with green eyes. What happen to him? And what contrive will her?
   This book is in the Oxford bookworms library series. It has simple sentences and it is a accessible flow of the story, so you can read it so easily. I recommend you try to read this book .

    Escott, John. (2012). The girl with green eyes. London: Oxford university press.


BR 04: Sara says no!

     Sara is honest. She does not cheat. She always sells the correct weight. She sells good, fresh fruit. She understands business. (p. 16)

     When you buy some food such as meats, vegetables, and fruits at the market, do shopkeepers really sell them with the correct weight? Maybe, almost of all them sell, but some may not like this book's owner.
     The owner's name is Mister Fruit. He has a daughter who is named Sara. They are the parent and child but the characters of them quite contrary. He behaves dishonestly when he sells fruits to people. However, she has right thoughts so that she can not allow his behaviors. Because of these situations, many problems will happen to them.
     This book is in the Macmillan readers series. It has colorful illustrations, so you can enjoy reading this book! I recommend you should read the book.

     Whitney, Norman. (1989). Sara says no! . London: Macmillan


BR 03: Red roses

'Oh! It's you!'
'You play the guitar!'

'And you come here with roses!'

'Yes- I always bring roses to my gran.'  (p. 21)

     Do you have any experiences that your friend and you can not meet due to pass by one another? I think many people probably have the experience.
     This book is a love story that the woman who has the guitar and the man who has red roses fall in love. When they meet for the first time, they are attracted                                           to each other. Also, they are interested in the things                                             which they own at that time. However, after that,                                                 both of them can not see easily...            
                                              This book is in the Oxford Bookworms series. It                                               has so simple illustrations, so everyone can                                                         understand the story. I recommend that you try to                                               read this book. 

   Lindop, Christine. (2007). Red roses. London: Oxford university press.


BR 02: Back Stage Pass

The next day, you find out that many people died in the concert hall. One of them was your friend Julie.  (p. 34) 

   If you fall into severe conditions such as you should choose whether you help yourself or your friends, what will you do? In this book, you can choose the courses you like, so the situations around you often change greatly.
   In my case, I could not help a friend of the main character, Julie. It is because I did not try to challenge the new things. For further information, I tended to protect my position refusing something wrong things when Julie told me them. As a result,
   However, if you take some risks, you may change the outcome more better than like above quotation part. On the contrary, you may be caught in the worst one. It depends on you!
   Therefore, I recommend you should check this book. Please try it!

             Ito, Lesley.(2014). Back Stage Pass. Florida and Tokyo: Atama-ii books.